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To help everyone attain the highest quality of life possible. Using the medium of yoga, we work to integrate the body and mind in order to achieve wellness.


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Who is The OT Yogi

About the Owner

Hello, my name is Ryanne and I am the owner and teacher at The OT Yogi. I have a passion for helping people. My particular focus is on findings authentic ways to help promote the mental health and quality of life for everyone I can.

To this end, I am an occupational therapist working in the field of mental health. What distinguishes OTs from psychologists and other mental health professionals is our use of activities as a therapeutic medium. This includes movement activities, meditation, mindfulness art, crafts, gardening, baking and more.

As well as being a passionate OT, I have been an avid yoga practitioner ever since my first yoga class with my mom when I was 8 years old. While working in a semi-rural hospital in KZN, working with a variety of individuals, including sick kiddies, I did my Kids Yoga and Mommy-Baby Yoga Teacher training so that I could bring that into my treatment.

After the hospital, I worked at a special needs (LSEN and Remedial) high school where I used kids yoga as part of my therapeutic programme. Currently I work at a psychiatric hospital with teens and adults experiencing emotional distress. Having seen the profound impact of movement group therapy, I then decided to complete Yoga Teacher Training for teens and adults. Since then I have taught yoga to the inpatients at the hospital.

I am now excited to be bringing yoga with a special mental health focus. Please find my schedule on this page. Any questions? Send them using the Contact Form.

With Love,

The OT Yogi




These services do not constitute therapy as outlined by the HPCSA.