What We Offer

Move Your Mind Yoga

Yoga Class specifically designed to support your mental health

While all yoga has mental health benefits, this class is designed specifically to de-stress, develop coping skills and boost your mood. Using the principles of occupational therapy* and yoga, this class is worth a try!

Classes every Saturday morning 8:00-9:15am. In person in Johannesburg at The Art of Movement studio or via Zoom

*Please note that attending this class does not constitute receiving therapy

Vinyasa Yoga

Connecting movement with breath to align the body and mind

Vinyasa yoga, sometimes called “Flow”, is a style of yoga involving a sequence of yoga poses or “asanas” that we move between in a mindful flow. Movements are connected with breath in order to help turn the mind inward. Suitable for all levels.

Kids Yoga

Classes for children 6-12 years old

Yoga Classes designed to facilitate physical, mental and emotional development. Through a combination of yoga poses (“asanas”), yoga games and storytelling, children grow while having fun!

Bond-With-Baby Yoga

Class for babies up to 12 months old and their caregivers

Available one-on-one or in small groups. Using the principles of occupational therapy, child development, and yoga, these classes are designed to offer stimulation to aid your baby’s development and to facilitate bonding between you and your baby. Give your baby the best possible start! 

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These services do not constitute therapy as outlined by the HPCSA.