Not sure if Yoga is for you? Read this

Not sure if Yoga is for you? Read this

“Yoga is for super-flexible people right? People who can put their foot behind their head?”

“I’m not thin enough for yoga”

“I can’t do yoga, I’m religious”

“Do you have to chant?”

“Won’t people judge me?”

These are some of the many concerns that I have heard people voice with regards to yoga. And while I can completely understand these fears, I hope to show you that these fears are based on little truth, particularly at The OT Yogi.

Literally anyone can do yoga. Most people’s impressions of yoga are that of asanas or yoga poses, which is only an eigth of what yoga is really about! Read my blog post on the 8 limbs of yoga for more info.

In my classes, no one will be putting their foot behind their head (I certainly can’t) or taking photos for Instagram. I myself am not the super-lean “Instagram look” yogi. In our classes we will be moving our bodies with awareness at exactly the level that is good for us.

Yoga is a practice that facilitates both our mental and physical health. Not one at the expense of the other. It is also deeply personal. If in class you are trying to be mindful (pay attention to what you are doing), and therefore connect your body and your breath, you are doing Yoga 🙂

Perhaps you arrive one day and you stay in child’s pose for most of the class. You’re doing Yoga! :)Perhaps you are feeling strong and/or want to expel some energy so you attempt the most challenging version of each pose. You’re doing Yoga 🙂

All of you are welcome. No strings attached.

With Love, The OT Yogi

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